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Aerogel Insulation Blanket

Aerogel Insulation Blanket

Description:Silica aerogel insulation blanket is one of our hot sale products.It has chosen the acupuncture fiber as substrate, and then the aerogel is compounded into the substrate. It has the thermal insulation performance and surface hydrophobicity and excellent flame retardant properties.

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Product Descriptions:

Aerogel insulation blanket is made of organic fiber (such as PET or polyester fiber) as a substrate, through a special process, in the fiber implanted nano-silica aerogel. It has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, low density, good flexibility, high compressive strength and strong hydrophobic performance. At the same time, it has excellent sound insulation performance and can be used in cryogenic field of -200 ℃.

Product Technical Parameters:

Permitted useful temperature range(°C)
Fiberglass composite: -200~650
Ceramic fiber composite: 600~1000
Linear expansivity
Dimensional stability(max)
Test method GB/T 8811-2008
Compressive property (min),kpa,@10%
Test method GB/T 13480-2014
Test method GB/T 13480-2014
Burning behavior
Test method GB/T 20285-2006
The smoke performance level
Drip content level
Smoke toxicity of the FED's value,(max)
Corrosion resistance
Test method GB/T 3810.1-2006
Test method GB/T 10299-2011
Tensile strength(min),(kpa)
Fiberglass composite: 100
Ceramic fiber composite: 80
Test method GB/T 17911-2011
Remarks : Silica aerogel fiberglass and ceramic fiber technical parameters

Product Advantages:

--Lower thermal conductivity coefficient

Thermal conductivity coefficient less than 0.016w/(m,k)at room temperature,

several times or even dozens of times lower than traditional heat preservation materials, and with better heat preservation effect.

--Thinnest and lightest thermal insulating material

Under the same heat preservation effect, the dosage of our company’s SiO2 aerogel composite material is only 1/5 to 1/3 of traditional materials’ . So it can be applied to dense pipeline and narrow space and achieve a good effect of heat or cold preservation. And greatly convenient for installation and save the cost of the protective layer.

--Water-proof and moisture-proof,easy to store

It is hydrophobic and porous with hydrophobicity of 99%.

--superior fireproof performance with safety class of gr.A1

SiO2 aerogel composite material has excellent fire resistance and smoke resistance. In a fire or accident, this property can well protect the pipeline and equipment and fight for more time for disaster relief and response.

--resistant to high pressure,acceptable brutal construction

--As a new green and environmentally friendly material, it can be safely used and easily installed.

The rolled SiO2 aerogel insulation composite can meet the needs of all shape or design,and it’s easy to cut and install according to the comples shapes, bending and space limitations.

Product Application:

Construction: Interior and extrior wall, door, floor, ceiling, roof, partitions, fireproof door

Cold Storage: fridge, freezer, refrigerators, cold storage, medical incubator, blood bank, medicine box, refrigerated container.

Veicle: Engine heat shield, catalytic exhaust pipe

Aerospace: Engine, black box

Building materials industry furnace: All types industry kiln, including rotary kiln, shuttle kiln, roasted kiln

Metallurgy: torpedo tank, steel ladle, tundish, coke oven door

Machinery: industrial stove, electric stove, stove door, stove cover

Instrumentation: stove temperature tracker, heat accumulator, data record protection, electric ceramic stove.

Petrochemical: pipeline insulation, high temperature reactor, cracking stove, conversion stove, heating stove

Electricity: boiler, steam turbine, pipeline, electronic insulation part

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