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Heat Insulation Aerogel Blanket Open Gate of The Netherland

Our Heat Insulation Aerogel Blanket products are available in multiple thicknesses from 3 millimeters to 10 millimeters, and can be used as thermal insulation in buildings, aerospace and industrial insulation. They are particularly well-suited for applications that require a thin product that can be easily cut, rolled and shaped on the job site. Because they offer high insulation performance even when compressed, they are especially useful as a thermal break in places that otherwise conduct heat, such as over studs and around windows.

ThermalWrap blanket products can provide light transmission, light diffusion and high-performance thermal insulation. They are also:

· Highly-breathable, but water repellent

· Flexible, bendable and wrappable

· Low-dusting and low-powdering

Following photo is application of our customer from The Netherland, aerogel blanket is used between balcony and floor. Customer gives excellent praise for our product.

Heat Insulation Aerogel Blanket In Netherland