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Systematic Plan Of Building Exterior Wall

Architecture is the space for people to live or work, developers tend to pay attention to the appearance of the decorative effect, and ignore its functionality, some covert works, such as insulation system and node design is not enough attention, only by compliance measures, the key is: lack of systematic program. Coatings enterprises, curtain wall enterprises, insulation enterprises, as well as insulation decoration Integrated Board enterprises, are emphasizing their own material advantages and strengths, but not from the final results, to provide a systematic solution. This kind of scheme requires that different systems can be compatible with each other, and the connected parts of the system and system should have a perfect node-handling scheme rather than a simple accumulation of many kinds of materials and processes.

The systematic plan should be carried out in depth needs analysis, according to different regions, different grades of projects, different climatic environment, choose the best timber program. Secondly, in the junction of different processes and materials, an effective node handling scheme should be provided. So that the materials of different systems can achieve common quality standards.

According to our years of practice, the previous independent insulation and coating technology integration, in the provision of targeted system solutions, to the direction of the integration of coating and conservation. and the ideal state of the integration of coating and maintenance is the finished product of insulation and decoration. Based on the future development of wall materials, we provide a complete system for the development of external wall solutions, and to achieve the purpose of saving resources, such as material, labor and so on.

Building Exterior Wall Systematic Plan

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