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China's New Materials Industry Usher In A Critical Period Of Opportunity

In recent years, the scale of China's new material industry has been constantly expanding, and its technical level is increasing day by day. According to statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the total output value of China's new materials industry has risen from 0.65 trillion yuan in 2010 to nearly 2 trillion yuan in 2015, an average annual growth rate of over 24%. The industry is expected that by 2020, China's total value of new materials industry will exceed 6 trillion yuan.

Nowadays, the development of new material industry in our country faces not only the competitive pressures on developed countries and multinational corporations in respect of patents, talents and funds, but also the significant opportunities arising from the development of strategic emerging industries and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Can be described as both opportunities and challenges. However, it goes without saying that the "13th Five-Year Plan" period will be a crucial period for China's new material industry to become stronger.

The new material industry continued good

Earlier this year, the development of new materials industry ushered in major good news. The "Guidelines for the Development of New Materials Industry" formulated jointly by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance have formally been promulgated. By 2020, advanced basic materials will be supplied in a stable manner. The comprehensive strategic capability of key strategic materials will exceed 70% Batch core technology patents, some species to achieve mass production.

Industrial manufacturing, materials first. Taking Shenzhen as an example, in "China Made 2025 Shenzhen Action Plan", Shenzhen has put key areas in promoting the R & D and industrialization of new materials. In addition, in the "13th Five-Year Plan" for the development of strategic emerging industries in Shenzhen, the new material is listed as one of the five key development directions for Shenzhen. It is reported that by 2020, the size of Shenzhen's new materials industry is expected to reach 230 billion yuan.

"Today, the new material industry has stood at the forefront of the development of strategic emerging industries." As Fujian Province "double hundred plan" material scientists, but also the second "Haike Cup" Global Overseas Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition "Sunbeam reflective materials" Dr. Zhao Jingguo, the winner, said that at present, China's new material industry must grasp the leading technology in a timely manner and quickly turn mature research results with independent intellectual property rights into applied products. At the same time, they must uphold the principle of "quality" and "environmental protection" This, and gradually carry out research and development of new technology and new products such as photonic materials.

Zhao Jingguo pointed out that new materials are one of the three pillars of the new technological revolution in the world today. Compared with traditional materials, new materials are the foundation and precursor to the development of advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries. They are to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and build Important new competitive advantage. At the same time, the new material industry itself is an important part of the strategic emerging industries.

Photonic materials into an opportunity to upgrade the industry

With the new material industry investment in full swing, to create eco-friendly, environmentally friendly new optical waveguide material has also become an overall opportunity to promote China's new material industry an important turning point.

Zhao Jingguo said with certainty that in our country, photonic materials have a platform for research and development, and there is a foundation for technology breakthrough and more room for development. As a dark horse in the field of new materials, photonic materials have great potential for development. He stressed that China must promptly introduce new optical waveguide materials technology and experts who are world-leading in the field of photonic materials and jointly invest in the research and development, production and operation of new optical waveguide materials.

"Compared with the general level of the world, China's new material industry is still basically in the stage of growth and catching up. Second, compared with the developed countries, there is still a long way to go." According to Zhao, the state will adopt the "13th Five-Year Plan" Various measures to encourage and support the development of new materials industry, all over the development of new materials industry is highly motivated, the new material industry growth will be more than ever before.

"In order to cater to the growth rate of the industry, we must seize the building of our country's photon material production base, while the establishment of Photonics Materials Research Institute, to build a full photon material industry incubation base to fill our domestic new material industry manufacturing gaps." It is understood that Zhao Jinguo The research team has successfully developed two new types of optical waveguide materials that can be put into production: one is visible light full-spectrum reflective microcrystalline material, which is mainly used for high-brightness and high-contrast video projection materials under natural light conditions; the other is anti-infrared radiation Ability of the thermal barrier microcrystalline material.

With the application of these two new types of optical waveguide materials, the new optical waveguide materials industry in China is being developed in a healthy and orderly manner.

For frontier new materials based on new physical principles, new functional materials and new technologies, new photonic materials with scientific significance and application value in information and other related fields, Zhao Jingguo believes that we must carry out the standard pre-research work in frontier fields in a coordinated manner , Optimize the key technical indicators, closely follow the development trend of international new material technology standards, standard layout in advance. In this way, China's photonic materials industry in the future to truly integrate into the globalization strategy and write a new chapter.

China's New Materials Industry Usher In A Critical Period Of Opportunity