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Precautions For Construction Of Insulation Materials During Rainy Season

Precautions for construction of insulation materials during rainy season

Insulation material in the rainy day construction process need to pay attention to what matters?

I. Storage of insulation material

Inorganic active insulation mortar storage must pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof. 1. In-room storage: When the site conditions permit, and the insulation material is not a lot of circumstances, can be stored to the insulation material indoors. In order to prevent the impact of air humidity on the material, the indoor window should be blocked to prevent the rain from hogwash.

Materials stacked in 30 centimeters from the ground, and covered with poncho, to prevent rain caused by the accumulation of water in the upper floors, leakage to the storage materials, resulting in hardening insulation materials. 2. Outdoor Storage: Selection of high ground stacking materials, the surrounding drainage unobstructed, not easy to accumulate water, and more than 30 centimeters from the ground. Before stacking, laying a layer of poncho on the material table Moistureproof. Stacking completed, with a full poncho covering the top, with a rope lashing, with heavy weights will be poncho four weeks pressing.

Notice the weather changes, wait until the sunny day, open poncho for drying, will poncho moisture evaporation, to avoid water vapor production drops, dripping on the insulation material, resulting in hardening.

II, the construction of a note:

The construction of the insulation system mainly uses the construction hanging cage, when the rainy day comes, prohibits the construction, and cuts off the cage power supply, covers the good motor, avoids the rain water to cause the short circuit, the occurrence danger.

After the rain to return to the post, to send professionals to check the cage, to prevent the occurrence of hanging cage failure and danger.

III, the construction of heat preservation precautions:

1. Pay close attention to weather forecast, early warning and reasonable arrangement of construction time. 2. Windy weather: In case there are more than five strong winds, do not carry out high office operations.

We should strengthen the safety education for workers and strictly inspect the use of safety belts, helmets and ropes. 3. No construction on rainy days. According to the specific weather conditions of the day, reasonable arrangement of construction procedures.

For example: To prevent the emergence of protective surface layer just completed, the intensity is not enough, washed by the rain, resulting in surface smoothness, plastering thickness of substandard and rework of the situation, both time-consuming and expensive materials.

IV. Safety Precautions:

1. To strengthen safety education and training for all staff at the construction site, especially where the details are easily overlooked, so that the safe construction of every worker in the heart. 2. Security checks must be in place. The main body of the building, scaffolding, hanging baskets, construction electricity to carry out regular inspection, found problems and timely removal, the damage of the timely repair, the problem to deal with in the embryonic state. In order to ensure the smooth construction, to make high-quality projects. Hope that the construction units do a good job of preventive measures, reasonable arrangements for construction, to avoid material waste.

Precautions For Construction Of Insulation Materials During Rainy Season