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New Opportunities for Nano - Silica Aerogel

In the National Center for Chinese Academy of Sciences, we just see this just from Karamay city Xinjiang province oil field back to the entrepreneur Feng Zhao . Speaking of new materials in the field of mining field test, he enraptured happily.

He use company and the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the development of his new materials, has been applied in the Karamay oil field of heavy oil mining transport pipeline in the use of steam. Field tests show that compared to traditional materials, siO2 aerogels insulation layer thickness of only half of every kilometer per year can save 250,000 RMB,which is very quite economical.

The reason why they applied it in the industrial field, Feng Zhao said that the benefits of industrial areas is better, and domestic quality of crude oil resources less and less, the major oil fields are mining heavy oil. SiO2 aerogels are widely used in industrial areas outside the industrial sector can also be vigorously promoted.

The charming of new materials, energy-saving

For heavy oil, generally it is relatively viscous, in most cases the original state is hard as the presence of stones. During the mining process, it is necessary to use high-temperature steam to go through the wellhead injection, and melt the heavy oil out of the ground.

The high temperature steam required for the production is concentrated by the boilers near the wellhead and then transported to the site through pipelines.High temperature steam in the transport process to avoid the loss caused by cooling, including economic losses and heat loss.

Traditionally, the thicker silicate tiles are wrapped in the transport pipe, twice thickness of the silica aerogels. The traditional material is tile-like solid, very cumbersome, the junction is not close, and usually every five years has to replace once. New materials is more durable, in the insulation performance is also better.

Nano-silica aerogels are not the new thing, foreign aviation areas as early as the 30s of last century there are applications, but the cost is high. Domestic nano-silica aerogels technology was previously subject to technology and craft, can not reach the mass production. Bo Tianzi Rui and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to promote the technology in the insulation and ultra-large capacity of carbon dioxide supercritical extraction and drying to achieve a breakthrough.

With these two technologies to open airgel insulation board and carbon dioxide supercritical extraction and drying equipment, can promote the silica aerogels insulation board industrialization and large-scale production. At present, domestic aerogels has just started, the annual output of hundreds of tons, the price of 400,000 to 700,000 yuan / ton, 150,000 US dollars / ton pf the import price . The cost of raw materials which using new technology is only 10% to 15% of foreign prices, cost-effective.

Aerogel technology is the basic technical support for nano-silica aerogel insulation technology. Aerogel, also known as dry Aerogel. When the aerogel takes off most of the solvent, the liquid content in the gel is much less than the solid content, or the space in the gel network is filled with gas and the solid is solid, which is the dry gel Called aerogels.

The unique structure of the aerogels determines its very low thermal conductivity, which can be as low as 0.013W / (m · K) at room temperature and lower than the thermal conductivity of air.

Zhao Feng told the reporter that the study to achieving breakthrough of study, making the new material made of insulation board, can be minus 40 degrees Celsius to 600 degrees Celsius intermediate adiabatic performance is better. Supercritical extraction technology can also be used in medicine, cosmetics and many other areas.

New technology widely used applications.

Industrial market scale is growing, to Karamay heavy oil mining, for example, for heavy oil extraction and transformation equipment investment 800 million yuan, of which nearly 200 million yuan budget for the pipeline insulation material transformation.

Feng Zhao believes that the field of industrial insulation is a new market, is the incremental space, which is not make a difference of the original profit chain , and the industrial market can prove its advanced nature of the material.

In the field of energy need to deal with state-owned enterprises , including Feng Zhao , people believe that the current cost of this new material only one-sixth of similar foreign products, cost-effective, can help enterprises to solve the problem, cooperation is very good prospects.

But for the future, but also they hope to cooperate with state-owned enterprises to jointly promote this technology. This new material used in the civilian market,which is more potential . In This field, Bo Tianzi Rui and partners Chinese Academy of Sciences hope that through the sale of technology packages, technology to achieve mass production.

The corresponding products can be used in the external wall insulation, glass (905,6.00,0.67%) insulation,the pipe insulation of industrial, special industry, ultra-high insulation and insulation areas, military and aerospace areas of the special requirements of insulation and insulation areas.

Building curtain wall is a huge market, taking Beijing as an example, there are about 100 million square meters of construction area, equivalent to 50 million square meters area to be insulated to 180 yuan per square meter cost, is 9 billion yuan of market space.

Insulation is related to fire-related, the use of new materials, insulation materials can effectively prevent the fire, improve building energy efficiency. Frequent large building fires can be effectively prevented.

Building energy-saving can be scattered, many departments involved in the transformation, but this reporter learned that even so, the building can account for the overall energy consumption of 40% to 50% of the situation, still attracting many enterprises to participate. However, the field of building energy efficiency products are also very scattered. Open the market is not just superior technology, the need for multi-faceted support.

New Opportunities for Nano - Silica Aerogel