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Application Of Aerogel Insulation Blanket In Steam Injection Pipeline

Application of aerogel insulation blanket in steam injection pipeline

This type of pipeline is mainly aimed at 100~500 degree high temperature pipelines. At present, the heat preservation of this kind of pipeline is mostly existing short life of thermal insulation material, need to maintain and replace frequently. The structure of traditional silicate insulation material is poor and easy to appear on the thin and thick phenomenon. Most of the traditional inorganic materials have no waterproof effect, easy to cause pipeline corrosion, so the pipeline can not guarantee the design pressure. The pipeline has been unable to meet the design temperature and pressure requirements because of its thermal insulation effect.

Application of aerogel insulation blanket in steam injection pipeline

The main reasons for the above problems are as follows:

The performance of the traditional thermal insulation material attenuates very quickly

Thermal insulation material has poor structural strength and appears thin and thick, which makes the pipeline prone to thermal cracks, resulting in serious heat loss.

Uneven heat preservation and high heat loss result in lower temperature and pressure at the end of the pipeline and increase the load of the boiler and increase the operating cost.

The traditional thermal insulation materials have no waterproofing effect, which makes pipelines corroded seriously, and bring huge security risks.

The advantages of aerogel insulation materials are:

Compared with the traditional aerogel insulation material, the thickness of the insulation layer can be greatly reduced, the heat loss is reduced, and the energy saving effect is excellent.

The aerogel insulation material has good structural strength, high compressive strength, stable performance and long service life.

The aerogel insulation material has good waterproof effect and prevents pipeline corrosion to a maximum extent.

To reduce installation time and labor, it is easy to tailor material and installation according to complex shape, curvature and space constraints.

The amount of aerogel insulation material can reduce the amount of external protective layer and reduce the cost of transportation and storage.

The combination of aerogels and other traditional materials provides a more economical insulation scheme for the users.