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Fourteen Guinness World Records Of The Magic Aerogel

Fourteen Guinness world records of the magic aerogel

Many people may know that aerogels insulation have 15 Guinness world records. They probably know one of them is the lightest solid. If you ask the rest of them, how much do you want to talk about?

Well, now, open your eyes and see what you're saying:

1, the lowest density of solid, <1.5mg/ml (graphene aerogel 0.16mg/ml, fiber aerogel 0.12mg/ml);

2, the most wide range of density, >7*102;

3, the smallest aperture, ~50nm (minimum <1nm);

4, the highest hole rate, >99.9%;

5, the lowest thermal conductivity, <16mW/mK;

6, the lowest sound propagation speed, <70m/s (~10m/s)

7, the lowest dielectric constant, <1.003;

8, the lowest index of refraction, <1.0003;

9, the lowest loss angle tangent (loss tangents), <10-4;

10, the most wide compression modulus, >7*106;

11, the highest acoustic impedance, 106kg/m2s;

12, the range of the most wide refractive index, 116%;

13, the lowest Young's modulus, <106N/m2;

14, the first time to collect samples from the comet.

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