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1 Inch Thickness Insulation Arrived In 30 Pieces Of Glass The World's Lightest Solid R & D Settled

Nanotechnology as synonymous with advanced technology, and now there are great thing,Today, the New Materials Summit Forum held in Nanshan, Shenzhen, invited a number of government leaders at home and abroad, industry experts, scholars and well-known entrepreneurs as witnesses, and jointly explore how the Chinese market, "aerogel" nano-adiabatic technology applied to the field. Chinese enterprises and Germany more than 130 years of history of high-tech enterprises Cabot (CABOT) in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection strategic signing on the site.

1 Inch Thickness Insulation Arrived In 30 Pieces Of Glass The World's Lightest Solid R & D Settled In Shenzhen

A nanomaterial called "aerogel" became the focus of the spotlight.Aerogel, also known as dry gel, is the world's lightest solid, has been selected Guinness World Records.The density of this new material is only 3.55 kg per cubic meter, only 2.75 times the density of the air; density is only one thousandth of the glass, but an inch thick airgel quite 20-30 pieces of ordinary glass insulation function.In addition to high-end field of aerospace applications, building materials applications, the airgel can also be used in passenger cars and high-speed rail insulation, solar energy products, high efficiency insulation and many civilian areas, can be described as show their talents.

The new materials industry is one of the strategic emerging industries established by the National Thirteen Five-Year Plan. The signing ceremony with KaBote aims to create an opportunity for scientific research and innovation by focusing on the strategic advantages of energy saving and environmental protection by China 's energy - saving market to create more possible.

In accordance with the framework of cooperation, China and Germany will jointly develop and promote aerogel technology, focusing on aerosol new materials innovation and development, and jointly promote the application of nano-materials in the world. JODA will put more resources to improve the production technology of aerogel insulation, and continue to introduce new and promote the development of new energy-saving technologies in China.